Women’s and Men’s Health and Sports Medicine

Because Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps with so many different ailments, I customize my regimens according to the patient and their gender. For this reason, I often integrate dietary and lifestyle changes into my treatment strategies in order to achieve long-term health benefits for my patients. The following are a few of the different areas for which I develop health and wellness regimens.

Women’s Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective for a number of women’s issues including the following:

Gynecological Conditions

  • Low Libido– Believe it or not, nearly 43% of women and 31% of men have issues with their libido. Various factors such as hormonal imbalances, stress, lifestyle and anatomical issues can result in a low sex drive. I have successfully treated low libido for over 15 years by combining acupuncture, stress reduction and Chinese herbs along with dietary modifications.
  • Irregular Menses, Amenorrhea– Irregular cycles may result from hormonal imbalances and lifestyle among other factors. Fortunately, TCM has successfully treated these conditions for centuries. In order to treat painful menses and PMS symptoms, I focus upon regulating hormones and blood flow to the uterine region and reducing the stress and anxiety that these patients often face. With weekly or bi-weekly treatments, I usually see a demonstrable change in my patients within one to three months, depending on the severity of their condition.
  • Menopause– I have found a blend of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to be highly effective for treating menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, dry and brittle hair and nails, insomnia, weight gain, vaginal dryness, diminished night vision, and night sweats).


TCM is also very helpful for treating fertility-related issues. Indeed, the American Pregnancy Association endorses acupuncture for fertility. Because Eastern medicine has treated infertility for over 2,500 years, many women have added it to standard Western treatments for a more successful pregnancy. Some of the issues treated with TCM include:

  • Prenatal Treatments – Regular weekly treatments can help prevent miscarriage and lessen symptoms of morning sickness, neuropathies, neck and lower back pain, general fatigue, and edema.
  • Labor Induction – At approximately week 37 (with the approval of the patient’s OB/GYN),specific points are painlessly needled in the lower sacral region and in the hands and feet. These points are proven to stimulate uterine contractions and can reduce the need for emergency cesareans by 32%, medical inductions an average of 40%, and epidurals by 31%.
  • Postpartum Recovery/Depression & Lactation Support – Commonly, new mothers experience hormonal changes that manifest as postpartum depression.  Insomnia, pelvic floor issues, low back and hip pain, carpal tunnel and insufficient lactation can all be treated with acupuncture. Additional treatment by a pelvic floor physical therapist along with acupuncture can reap stellar results.

Men’s Health

TCM is also instrumental in the treatment of men’s health. Some of the issues I treat in my practice include the following:

  • Male Infertility Traditional Chinese practices combined with important lifestyle changes can increase sperm motility and sperm count. Generally, these changes take place over 3 to 6 months and are often critical to a couple’s ability to conceive.
  • Prostatitis & BPH – Inflammation of the prostate gland can be painful and result in sexual/urinary dysfunction. If left untreated, an enlarged prostate can cause other complications, including sexual dysfunction. A mixture of acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas and cold laser therapy can lower or even eliminate inflammation and help shrink an enlarged prostate gland. Luckily, these treatments are nonsurgical and noninvasive with absolutely no risk of impotence.
  • Sexual Health – Daily stress along with an imbalanced lifestyle can cause hormonal imbalances. Furthermore, these imbalances can lead to low libido or sexual dysfunction (ED, delayed orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculations and/or erections, and pelvic floor pain). Integrating various therapies such as Chinese herbal formulas, acupuncture and cold laser can straighten out these imbalances, so people can feel like themselves again. By creating a safe environment where the patient can express himself, I am able to tailor my wellness strategy to his individual needs. In addition, these treatments are painless and noninvasive.
  • Andropause – A subject that doesn’t receive much publicity within mainstream medicine is known as andropause or male menopause. Common symptoms include depression, anxiety, low sex drive, insomnia, weight gain and loss of muscle mass.
    Has your MD ever tested your bone density to establish a baseline for your bone health as you age? I can discuss this topic and others during an initial consultation to ensure that you are as healthy as possible as you approach your 50s and beyond. Based on our consultation, I will devise a treatment strategy specific to your needs and goals.

 Sports Medicine

Over the years I have treated every level of athlete from boxers to NBA players to Cirque du Soleil trapeze artists to weekend enthusiasts, who are just as important. For this reason, I continue to take advanced doctoral level courses in Sports Acupuncture. Keeping up with the latest treatment techniques for sports injuries is what differentiates me from the majority of acupuncturists in New York City.

Furthermore, my years of experience competing as a full combat Muay Thai kickboxer have given me a firsthand perspective into dealing with strains, dislocations, fractures, breaks, tears and other sports injuries. As I have repeated to both pros and amateurs, “there is nothing I am doing to you that I haven’t done to myself or have had done on me.”

I provide a complete treatment program from evaluation of x-rays and MRI reports to physical diagnosis, treatment, muscle retraining and reorientation in addition to acupuncture, cupping and low-level laser therapy.

An Integrative Approach

In order to resolve medical problems, I work closely with many orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, neurologists, physical therapists and osteopaths here in New York City. I embrace an integrative approach to help people train more efficiently, reduce their risk of injury and boost recovery time.

The advantage of my practice is that I cover everything from women’s issues such as pregnancy to male infertility to chronic sports injuries. I design specific programs that either help people reach their athletic goals or expedite healing after a surgical procedure or get them back into shape postpartum.

About the Golden Acupuncturist

Kelley Mondesiré, DA, AP, L.Ac., practices Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbology. She is a Rhode Island, New York, and Florida Board Certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She is a referred TCM practitioner for Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, New York, NY. She is also a graduate of The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and is trained in the field of Western Bioscience.

At her practice in Lower Manhattan, Kelley Mondesiré administers Traditional Chinese Medicine to clients from downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights and nearby neighborhoods.