Why You Should Practice Yoga

Want to improve your golf swing?  Break a faster time at your next marathon event?  Experience a faster and easier labor?  Keep weight off, ease pain and slow the aging process?  Easy…practice yoga!  Yoga encompasses breathing exercises, lengthening, strengthening and stretching muscle groups, massages the bowels and increases the length of telomeres in our bodies (these are parts of the chromosomes that affect the aging process).  I’ve been practicing yoga for years and have taught yoga to private clients and martial artists, but honestly, I have never said ‘let’s go do some yoga…it’s so much fun!’  Rather, I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years because it has always allowed me to participate and perform so much more effectively in any other sport I have engaged in over the years – tennis, golf, triathlons, rollerblading, skiing, competitive and full combat Muay Thai kickboxing.  There are many benefits to practicing yoga.  Yoga can help us breathe better, slows aging, can ease muscle and joint pain, help you sleep better and reduce your stress, improve flexibility and increase balance.  You would be very surprised to know how many top athletes have been practicing yoga for years (LeBron James is just one)….and it is a practice.  Practice makes perfect and the more we practice yoga, the more perfect we can make our minds and bodies.  So, how to start your practice?  Form is everything in yoga.  If you are athletic, find a Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class.  Hatha is your basic poses (asanas) in a very precise order that will take your body from head to toes from stiff to supple.  Vinyasa is often called ‘flow yoga’ because we move from one pose into another gracefully and without stopping.  If you’re not the most athletic type or you are recovering from an injury or illness, try a Restorative or Gentle Healing yoga class.  Props are used during these classes to ease you into poses and help you settle into the poses for optimal results.

I don’t practice yoga because it excites me….I do it because it’s GOOD for me!  so, JUST DO IT!  For more information about yoga, click on this site http://www.yogamagazine.com/ and find out why YOU should be practicing yoga.  Namaste!

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