Veterans Eligible For Acupuncture Treatments

Great news for our men and women of service!  The VA has just published the new requirements for acupuncture benefits and you are eligible to receive first class services here at my clinic!  The Golden Acupuncturist clinic is a registered clinic with the Veterans’ Administration.  All you need to do is tell your attending physician at the VA that you would like a referral to come to my clinic for acupuncture services.   Give them my name for the referral, then just email or telephone my office to schedule an appointment.  Be it for pain, PTSD, or any other medical condition listed on the approved list, you will be treated with the respect and level of expertise you deserve.  Click on the following link for the criteria to begin your journey to improved health and state of mind.

Please Help Me Grow My Business  Referrals are the meat and potatoes of any healthcare practitioner’s clinic.  If you have been happy with the care you have been given here at the Golden Acupuncturist clinic, an online referral would be most appreciated.  If your review is posted, you will receive a free gift here at the clinic!  Just click on these sites to write your review today!

or googlemybusiness (look up golden acupuncturist)

Thank you all, for your continued patronage and trust in my skills.

Springtime Allergies Can Be Treated Drug-Free With Acupuncture

Join the many fortunate people who have been treated at my clinic for seasonal rhinitis.  This year promises to be a brutal one for allergies.  Before you go down the rabbit hole of shots and other prescription drugs, schedule an appointment today and achieve instant and longlasting relief from your symptoms.  Call or email for an appointment.


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