Tuesday is Bastille Day!

Bastille Day is one of my most favorite days….even in New York City.  There are street festivals, champagne, fantastic food, and reminds me so much of being back in my beloved Provence.  Here are some tips for you to make your July healthier and happier in the spirit of France:

Cook with olive oil.  It’s Provençale and healthier than butter or canola oil and tastes much better!  Spend some money for a good quality cold pressed olive oil.  For cooking, salads, great for the cuticles and skin and can be used to condition your hair as well.

Lavender…it just doesn’t smell nice or looks pretty in the garden.  Lavender has calming properties and is the best mosquito repellent.  Put fresh or dried lavender by the windows, your favorite reading chair, or by your bed.  It will calm you down, and keep those nasty mosquitoes at bay.  All those lovely photos you see of southern France with the lavender in the fireplaces are not just for show.  The lavender keeps the mosquitoes from nesting in the flue and fireplace.  You can purchase a lavender plant for your window or buy stalks of lavender from your local farmers market.  This is the time it blooms here in the northeast and it is just so lovely!

Drink a Pastis and settle your upset stomach.  Pastis is a common aperitif we drink in France.  It is a jigger of Pernod or Ricard (anise based liquor) with a few ice cubes and then the glass is filled to the top with water.  It settles the stomach, whets the appetite and is the perfect summer cocktail to sip while spending an hour in the late afternoon catching up with friends.

Whatever you do to celebrate Bastille Day, have a great time.  If you have never celebrated Bastille Day and you are in New York City, go online for a list of events…..the city is just teaming with all sorts of activities beginning this weekend.

I’ll see you out there!  A bientot!oh joy!

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