Try Something New Today

People sometimes find themselves in a fitness or health rut…the scale isn’t moving in either direction, the muscles aren’t toning as quickly as they were 4 months ago.

Change it up!  Just as we become tired of any routine, so do our bodies.  If we eat the same foods and prepare the same meals over and over again, our bodies become bored.  If we keep doing the same exercise routine, we work the same muscle sets over and over and they become bored as well.

Get creative!  Mix up your fitness routines and introduce a different activity to excite your muscles.  You’ll be amazed what happens when you confuse your muscles and mix up your exercise patterns.  Introduce different types of foods into your diet….you might eat less and find a variety of food sources that could be higher in antioxidants, protein and lower in fat and calories.  Be bold!  Be brave!  Change it up!

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