Treatment For Needlephobics

Laser and Needle-less Probe Treatments Available
Don’t deny yourself top medical treatment because you are needlephobic.  My clinic offers needle-less low level laser and acuprobe treatments that can be just as effective as a traditional treatment.  Low level laser covers both broad-based areas and minute points while acuprobes are metal balls (like ball point pens that give off a slight electrical charge) that are placed strategically on acupuncture points.  These are the modalities of treatment used for facial rejuventation and for the treatment of many cancer patients and those of delicate constitution because of their gentle nature.  I utilize these tools to treat my patients who are needlephobic.  The results remain outstanding.  So, if  it’s the idea of needles that prevents you from coming into the office, here’s the option for you.  Call or email for an appointment today.  917-701-7582917-701-7582

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