Treating Glaucoma With Regular Acupuncture Sessions Really Does Work

Today, I will share a personal story with you.  A dear friend who is a M.D. and Doctor of Acupuncture in Provence, France treated her husband’s glaucoma for years utilizing an ancient protocol she found in translated texts (from the Vietnamese into French).  She kept her husband’s ocular pressure within normal range for over 20 years – hence he avoided dreaded surgery and possible blindness.  I have always remembered the protocol in the case I would have a patient who required such care.  As fate will have it, I recently became one of those very patients.  I was diagnosed with borderline glaucoma.  There is no  rhyme or reason for a person to have glaucoma (age, sex, lifestyle, stress, eyestrain….none of these are causes.  The cause is idiomatic).  My colleague and esteemed ophthalmologic surgeon and I agreed I would self-treat for a period of 3 months to see if I could get my pressure down even 1 point.  Three (3) 20 minute treatments each week for 12 weeks…one small needle for each treatment that was in a corporal locale which enabled me to type, read or do mild tasks while treating….was the treatment protocol I decided would be appropriate.

Yesterday, my eye pressure was again tested….down 2 points!  I am now in normal range and no longer borderline danger of glaucoma.  I will continue with my own treatment protocol to further reduce the ocular pressure.

The take home message here:  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for over 2500 years quite successfully for a reason…it works!  SO…no drops, no worries, and I will continue to prove to my patients, colleagues and the non-believers out there that if you are a good physician in my line of medicine….the results speak for themselves.

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