Treat Seasonal Stress Without Drugs

The holiday season is upon us!  Quick!  Forget Thanksgiving….it’s shopping madness, coordinating travel plans, ensuring Aunt Sally doesn’t get left out, wrapping things up at the office, baking 4 pies…..the list of frenetic activities can go on and on….and why?  Because for whatever reason, November 1st marks the crazy countdown to New Year’s Eve.  The 9 weeks that mark the holiday season puts most humans into a state of ‘fight or flight’ mode.  This increases the release of stress hormones, causes blood pressure to rise, weight stays put as the body believes it is in ’emergency mode’, insomnia, anxiety and depression override common sense.

Rule 1.  Calm down.  The holiday season isn’t brain surgery, hopefully nobody dies and we’ll all be back to normal come January 1st.  It’s akin to a repeat television show that plays over and over – year after year….aren’t you bored of it?

Rule 2.  Don’t cave into the stupidity and madness of the next several weeks.  Don’t participate in any event and don’t socialize with any person who is toxic to you both physically and emotionally.  They aren’t in your life 300+ days of the year….this coming month should be no different.

Rule 3.  Do something for YOURSELF that’s good.  Holiday stress taxes the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to disease.  Schedule a few appointments for immune-boosting and stress reduction today.  Call or email my office.  917-701-7582

Rule 4.  If you want to make life easier for yourself this gift giving season, order a few gift certificates for your friends, family and colleagues.  It only takes 5 minutes of your time, can be done via email or telephone and you’ll be giving the gift of good health and well being to others.  Pay it forward!

Office Hours For Thanksgiving week:  The office will be closed from Tuesday November 24th and reopen Monday November 29th.  Have a safe, calm and happy holiday!

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