Today Is National Hamburger Day, So Eat Organic

Today is National Hamburger Day.  Thousands of burgers of all variations will be served up this day and enjoyed by many. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy that burger without clogging your arteries or packing on the calories:

Eat organic, grass-fed lean beef.  It’s nutritious, delicious and worth the extra money.  Don’t glob on the cheese and fried accessories (oily or fried onions, etc).  Add these toppings in moderation after you’ve put some good lettuce and tomato on your burger.  It stacks up quickly, so the fatty toppings should be used sparingly.  Don’t be a cretin and shove an 8 inch burger/bun into your mouth….take human bites and chew your food at least 20 times before swallowing.  Don’t be a glutton.  Cut your burger into halves.  If, after you’ve finished one half, you’re full – have the 2nd half wrapped up in a doggie bag without the bun and savor your burger later on or the next day.

The unofficial start of summer has arrived with Memorial Day.  Get out the grill, have lots of fun and this year, begin the grilling with vegetables, then the organic meats and fish.  Don’t forget a wonderful salad to go with the mix!

Happy Hamburger Day!


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