Tips on Aging and Exercise

You can get all the plastic surgery and botox you want, but what you do for the inside of your body will ultimately keep what’s on the outside healthy, vibrant and youthful.  Healthy eating, quality and quantity of sleep, minimal stress, and regular exercise are all key ingredients to aging gracefully and vibrantly.  As we become older, we need to adjust our exercise routines and be wise about the best anti-aging workouts.

Exercise Can Slow Down The Aging Process 

As we become older, we naturally lose muscle mass (5lbs per decade) and gain fat (1% per year).  Fat can surround our vital organs, such as the heart, liver and spleen and cause life threatening diseases; so it’s very important to keep the weight gain to a minimum as we age.   Exercising regularly can maintain lean body mass, help to elevate metabolism and keep those pounds of fat from packing onto our bodies.  Exercise stimulates the production of various proteins that can keep the brain alert and give us a natural feel good ‘high’.  The results lead to better sleep, a calmer and happier state of being, a healthier heart, stronger bones and an overall improved state of well being – both inside and out.

What Types Of Exercises Are Appropriate For The Aging Athlete?

Low intensity strength training and cardiovascular workouts 3 to 4 times weekly are best.  Hiking, biking, swimming, weight training, yoga and pilates are all good.  Walking for those who aren’t athletically inclined with one pound hand weights can do wonders if done 3 to 4 times weekly.  If you were a basketball player, by all means keeping shooting hoops.  Your knees might not want to play full court, but consider 1/2 court play.  If you were the MMA champion, you might not want to get into the cage at this stage of the game, but there’s always a heavy bag to heat and light sparring with a partner.  Golf anyone?  Instead of driving the cart for 18, try walking the course.

Acupuncture and Low Level Laser Can Help With Aches And Pains

Acupuncture can help with any aches or pains you might have that prevent you from getting back into the game.  Low level laser treatments are non invasive and can help with any arthritic condition or muscular pains.  For more information on how you can exercise efficiently as you become older, call or email my office to book a consultation.  During your consultation, I will take diet, lifestyle, exercise and health conditions into consideration when developing an exercise strategy that will work best for you.  As with any exercise program, please visit your primary care physician yearly to ensure you are healthy to exercise and know any conditions that might predicate limitations to an exercise regime.

I’m off to another spinning class….I’m staying in the game – are you?

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