The Most Important Tip For Weight Loss

Patients who enroll into my Wellness Program very often ask at the onset ‘what is the best way I can lose weight and keep it off?’  My short answer is this:  PLAN AHEAD!

Patients who plan ahead, very often are the most successful at achieving their fitness/weight goals.

  • Begin by looking at your work/life schedule.  Commit yourself to exercising a certain number of days and mark those slots on your calendar as you would a business appointment.  Select exercises that are fun and not torturous.  If you belong to a gym, mix it up and choose different exercise classes and commit to attending.  If you prefer to exercise at home, there are many dvd programs that can make solo workouts fun and calorie-crushing.  For a list of some super dvds, log onto  and choose from the many wonderful and fun workouts.
  • Plan to grocery shop one day per week.  Make a list of all the green vegetables, fruits, grains and lean meats that you like.  Go online to explore various heart healthy recipes that are low fat, low sodium, low calorie, tasty and nutritious.  Plan to shop for a week’s worth of groceries and have your menus ready.  NEVER SHOP FOR GROCERIES WHEN HUNGRY!   You make spontaneous purchases that you will regret.  Remember, once on the lips – forever to the hips.
  • Plan 2 hours of one day/evening to grill and roast.  Grilling veggies and roasting meats is easy.  Here’s a caveat:  Mrs. Dash is a wonderful seasoning that contains no sodium and can spice up any type of food without adding calories.  Remember that fresh herbs can be used in abundance and can change plain chicken breast into something super.
  • Plan around social occasions.  If you know you have a dinner or event where there will be food and alcohol, plan around it.  Have some raw veggies at home or plain lowfat yogurt before the happy hour.  For any glass of alcohol, drink 2 glasses of seltzer with lemon/lime or water.  This will keep the wasted calories to a minimum and you can still enjoy that cocktail.
  • Have a ‘cheat day’ as a reward for all your hard work.  This doesn’t mean that you are allowed to go crazy that day.  It means that you choose one day and one meal that day to have a little ‘splurge’….just make sure you’ve been a good girl/boy the remainder of the week!
  • Maintain a positive attitude.  If you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, get off the pitypot and get back in the game.  No one is perfect and we all suffer setbacks.

If you feel you cannot get a handle on a healthy lifestyle and your New Year’s Resolution seems to have gone down the toilet, call or email the office today.  Enroll into my Wellness Program.  I will help you achieve your goals.  Lifestyle coaching along with weekly acupuncture treatments can help a person achieve fitness/weight goals. 

Lastly, to prove my point, I’ve enrolled myself into my own Wellness Program to serve as an example.  Get off the couch and into my office today!

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