The Logic Behind Vaccinations From the U.S. Army

It’s almost time for the children to return to school and every day, there are more public service announcements promoting the benefits of vaccinating children to protect them from diseases thought to be eradicated years ago in this country.  There are some people who are terribly misinformed about the value of vaccinations and this is a shame; they and their family members are unnecessarily suffering from childhood diseases that bring lifelong health issues because of ignorance, misinformation and unwarranted fears.

It seems obvious to me both personally and professionally that the generations that are raising children these days have no knowledge of the historical importance vaccinations have on mankind in the modern age.  Who out there reading this blog can remember the child in school who contracted polio and spent their entire lives in a body brace because they had not been vaccinated?  How many men were rendered sterile because they contracted mumps as little boys?  How many children were born with severe mental retardation because their mothers contracted german measles?  The list can go on and on.  The false information publicized by a disgraced physician (I won’t name him…google it) that vaccinations cause autism has long been disproved, yet there are those people who believe what we now term ‘fake news’.

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