“My husband and I tried to conceive for about a year before seeking fertility treatment. After one failed round of IVF, I sought out Kelley, as I had heard acupuncture was a good additional treatment for fertility issues.  I knew from my first appointment Kelley was a special person. Kind, caring, professional and knowledgeable beyond belief and that I would benefit from her treatment.

As an athlete and someone trying to conceive, Kelley came up with a treatment plan specifically for me. I am happy to report my husband and I are expecting a beautiful baby in May 2018.  Kelley has provided and continues to provide incredible physical and emotional support. She is a true healer.”

L.A.; New York, NY

“My acupuncture experience with Kelley has been life-changing. Sound dramatic? I get it. Dramatic was being full of allergy medication and still needing to wear ski goggles and a mask while arranging flowers. A full-time florist and cat owner, I frustratingly discovered I’m allergic to both cats and flowers.

I took medication daily – sometimes desperately double dosing, I used 3 types of eye drops, a special eye cream, face masks, air purifier, frequent showers, and more. And STILL most days I felt my whole body clench, sick to my stomach, as I resisted the urge to claw my eyes out. Once a week or so it would be so bad that I’d have to give in, take Benadryl, and go to sleep for a couple hours in order to experience any relief. On top of the eye irritation, there was the constant need for tissues, itchy nose, and horribly itchy throat. No matter how I tried to not touch them, my eyes were often red and swollen – forget wearing any eye makeup – my skin irritated, and feeling like the life was knocked out of me. It wasn’t a good look.

Getting allergy shots was not something I was interested in doing. I asked my acupuncturist at the time if he’d recommend anyone that specialized in allergy treatment. He immediately suggested Kelley. I emailed her that same night.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that after just one treatment with Kelley I was nearly non-reactive. I couldn’t believe it. I maintained precautionary measures to reduce contact with allergens (I live with a cat and worked with flowers daily in my apartment) as much as I could. I stopped wearing a mask and ski goggles. I stopped taking daily medication. I no longer felt like I needed to have my arsenal of drops on me at all times. For awhile I went every two weeks and I continued to feel great. Eventually I was able to go monthly. I now I am drug free 99.9% of the time (seasonal things and being around too many animals sometimes gets me a little bit).

If you are suffering, see Kelley.

You have nothing to lose and so much life to gain. On top of being a master of her craft, she is polished and professional, warm, knowledgable, and always a joy to see. Being nearly allergy free has truly changed my day to day life. I was suffering so much on a daily basis and living with it. It was horrible and disruptive. I felt hopeless when it came to treatment. I didn’t know what else to do and didn’t trust the process of getting allergy shots.

Allergies, pain, stress, ailments, need for a tune up, see Kelley. I am beyond grateful for what she’s been able to do for me.”

K. Cobb; New York, NY

“I was in a desperate situation with an acute sciatica attack caused by a herniated disc when I lucked into Kelley Mondesiré and her acupuncture talents.  From the day she began treating me, I improved rapidly.  She not only gave sage advice but also terrific encouragement to go along with treatments that have proven effective.  It’s two years later, and I am and have been completely pain or discomfort free.”

– Alan Silber; New York, New York (age 71)

“Kelley’s knowledge of acupuncture is vast and she is always willing to explain what she is doing.  She is gentle in nature, thorough and meticulous in charting my history, and I appreciate her holistic approach to treating me and helping me achieve overall health and wellness.  I developed a real trust in her quickly that has only grown deeper with time.  Since initially helping me eliminate chronic neck and shoulder pain (that had not benefited from years of massage or other physical therapy approaches) and continuing to help me battle lifelong sleep problems (from my perspective, miraculous!), she has also helped me navigate pregnancy healthfully and restfully.  I believe that I survived those nine months without any back discomfort or other physical ailments in large degree thanks to her car.  And when life gets too stressful, I can always count on a session with Kelley to help me get centered and find that elusive relaxation.  After hearing me rave about Kelley and literally witnessing the results (me:  well-rested!),  my family members started giving me gift certificates for acupuncture sessions for any gift-appropriate occasions – and I couldn’t be more thrilled that this has become their go-to gift!  I have recommended Kelley to friends and colleagues over the years, and consider her to be as valuable to me as my primary care physician.”

– Dawn Campanile; Brooklyn, NY

“I was never skeptical about acupuncture, and knew of the benefits, but the results through Kelley amazed even me.  Kelley’s abilities  to diagnose and treat the real issues have helped me immensely.  Her pro-active and focused approach has kept me zooming through the chaos of the ever changing world.”

– A.W.; New York, NY

“Knowing Kelley Mondesiré is a pleasure, when I walk out of her office I am energized.  Kelley has an excellent acupuncture practice.  She has a wonderful patiently practice, always smiling and patient and gives you her undivided attention.  I have had much success with the acupuncture and would not hesitate to recommend her services.  From day one, she is always concerned.”

– A.S.; New York, NY

“I have been going to Kelley for about 7 years.  I am an athlete and have been lucky to stay healthy most of the time.  When I have been injured, the first person I go to is Kelley.  She is the main reason my recovery is faster and I heal properly.  She has treated me with acupuncture for strains, pulls, bruises, tension and back spasms.  As an athlete you want to compete at your best and Kelley helps me do just that by making me stay strong and healthy.  the back spasms were definitely the worst.  I could not do much without sharp pains going up my back.  My mobility was very limited.  Of course, I went to Kelley and it was just amazing after one session how the pain went away and I regained mobility.  I have full confidence in her knowledge of pain management.  I definitely recommend Kelley in all the services she offers…period!”

– Alexander; New York, NY

“Any athlete that is training hard needs a tune-up to keep the body running optimally.  Kelley does that for me.”

– Anonymous Male; New York, NY

“I have known Kelley Mondesiré since she has opened her practice.  Over the years, she has been able to help me with numerous sports-related issues.  Beyond this, she was the only practitioner able to cure my severe case of vertigo 4 years ago.  I have the highest respect for Kelley and her skills!  Her calm and professional demeanor will make even the biggest “needle-phobe” like me feel comfortable.  I can only recommend her highly to anyone seeking help.”

– Felicitas Oefelein, New York, NY

“I have seen Kelley over the span of two years and can’t recommend her enough.  Not only did she shrink my fibroid with acupuncture, she also counseled me on how hormone and diet contribute to the fibroid’s overall growth (something the traditional western doctor may not tell you).  That’s what Kelley does – she gives a 360 degree view of what needs to be considered for any given situation and she does it with humor, humility and loads of compassion.  There is no one else I would trust to stick me with needles and having Nurse Sooki there is a BIG bonus!”

– Anonymous Female; New York, NY

“After enduring 2 rounds of chemotherapy for inflammatory breast cancer, I began acupuncture treatments with Kelley Mondesiré. Suffering from fatigue and anxiety, her treatments were instrumental in returning my physical and mental strength.  With the boost to my immune system, I sailed through the surgeries that followed.  Kelley is knowledgeable and compassionate and individualized each treatment to meet my needs.  She is truly all about understanding and treating your entire self, not just one issue.  She makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and readily answers any questions you have.  I feel very fortunate to have met Kelley and been treated by her.  Thanks Kelley.”

– Patti Weil; New York, NY