iHeartRadio Interview – Achoo! Allergies

It’s ragweed season and once again you’re experiencing the itcy eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat. Tired of those meds that make you feel like a zombie? Tired of weekly allergy shots that leave your arms sore? Let me… Read More

Allergy Relief Without Shots and Drugs

DRUG FREE ALLERGY RELIEF The warm and wet winter followed by a soggy spring has the pollen count topping the charts the past two months.  My clinic is busy helping seasonal rhinitis sufferers with their many symptoms of runny noses,… Read More

Prevent Your Allergies From Ruining Your Life

AccuWeather meteorologist Alan Reppert has reported that due to warmer February weather, the pollen season is arriving “10-20 days ahead of normal in some areas” (USA Today Mar 6, ’17).[1] More than 270 cities and towns across the… Read More