Swim For Supple Knees

It’s Summertime and what better time to jump into a pool, lake, river or ocean and know the joys of the water!  Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise – it can improve your cardiovascular system, help you lose weight, lengthen, strengthen and tone every muscle in your body and is THE BEST exercise if you suffer from knee pain.  Gentle kicking in the water is tremendously effective to release muscle tension in the hamstrings, IT Band and quadriceps which, when ‘tight’, tend to pull on the knee joints, thus causing pain when walking, descending or ascending stairs, and other every day activities.  Even if you are not a ‘real swimmer’, you can hold onto the edge of a pool at the shallow end and kick gently.  Wear floats on your arms, lie on your back, gently float, then kick from one end of the pool in the shallow end.  If you are a ‘real swimmer’, do laps and concentrate on form and the breath.  I swam a mile in the pool yesterday.  To stave off boredom while counting laps, I always wear my ‘aquaflood’ waterproof ipod (available on amazon.com).  I listen to Cuban jazz and world music in the same type of genre.  Not slow enough so I will sink and not crazy so I will lose count and consistency of my breathing.

So, jump in!  Cool off, have fun in the water and do something good for your entire body – especially your knees.  Lastly, don’t forget to slather on the waterproof sunscreen.  Se you out there!

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