Summer's Bounty – From Farm To Table

Summer’s early crops are already at the local farmer’s markets all over the North East and in my own garden.  This past week, the squash, peppers, eggplant, herbs and edible blossoms were abundant in my own little garden.  Meandering over to the local organic famer’s market there were lettuces, beets, tomatoes, radishes, eggs, cheeses, honey, fresh chickens and pork just for starters.  Going home this past Sunday with all my goodies made for a week of wonderful lunches and dinners.  Farm to table…you just can’t beat the flavor, freshness and nutritional value to something that’s been just been picked ripe off the plant or just laid or made or prepped from the farm.

I am lucky enough to have my own wonderful garden chock full of lovely vegetables, but I support my local farmer’s market (The Rock Hill Farmer’s Market) because what I don’t raise or grow, they do it for me.  My business also supports local small farmers which supports the community.  If you have a local farmer’s market in your area, explore what it has to offer for your dining ideas.  Not only will you experience fresh, nutritious and yummy food choices, you will also be supporting the ‘little guy’ who has his or her hands literally in the dirt, with love, so that you and I can enjoy REAL FOOD.

So, what was on my plate this week?  Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta, basil, flat parsley and lemon – fried in fresh buffalo butter…served with my own julienned zucchini, eggplant, chive and dinosaur kale sautéed in olive oil  and a bit of garlic.  Goat cheese angoletti over all this with a sprig of curly parsley and romano cheese.  That was just one of many farm to table dishes in my home this week.  The satisfaction of taking all these wonderful items from my garden back to Manhattan and serving them up with a good rose’ wine….well, you just can’t beat it.

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