Staying On Track By Keeping A Food Journal

I advise many of my patients who have various health concerns to keep a food journal.  There are many apps for mobile phones that are free and easy to use for this purpose – a tap on your smart phone will reveal a long list.  The name of the game is (in most cases) NOT to count calories, but to take a look at your food choices and how much of each food category you are/aren’t getting too much or too little of on a daily and weekly basis.

I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and by grossly observing (to the naked eye) a patient’s physique, skin, muscle tone and hair, I can tell them what they eat, what they shouldn’t eat and why.  There is no one answer to the question “what should I eat to lower my blood cholesterol?” or “what should I do for my adult acne?”  The general answer is:  have weekly acupuncture treatments, in some cases, I prescribe Chinese Herbal pill formulas, you should exercise to a certain degree and….keep a food journal.  Being mindful of what goes in the mouth allows the patient to be mindful of how he or she is feeling after ingesting certain foods.  Joint pain, acne, bloating, insomnia, night sweats – all  these symptoms in many cases can be resolved or minimized with modifications to a person’s diet.  The average American spends hours each day on social media; much of that time surfing facebook or some other chit chat group.  It takes only minutes to input your food intake each day into your smartphone.  If you perform this small task for a week, then look back on what went into your mouth that week, you’d be surprised what you might realize about your nutritional intake.

If you need help getting your act together with respect to your RA, hypertension, hypothyroidism, anemia, weight, cholesterol, acne or any other health concern, call or email my office today.  Together we will make a plan that is reasonable, one you can live with comfortably and obtain the health goals you seek.


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