Stay In The Game Without Pain

The warm weather has finally arrived and this time, it’s here to stay!  That means we are all gung ho to get outside and play golf, tennis, run that marathon, climb that mountain and do everything we possibly can within the short warm season.  This is when overzealousness can get the best of us and that fabulous weekend rock climbing can lead to Monday morning pain, stiffness and limited range of motion.

Did you know what the secret of success is for many professional athletes?  Weekly acupuncture treatments.  Yes, weekly acupuncture treatments can help get that golf swing loose and you’ll be driving at least 100 yards longer than you would without regular treatments.  How about shaving a few more minutes off your race time or overall Ironman event?

Acupuncture is drug free and when performed by an expert in sports medicine (such as myself), you can improve your performance and stay in the game!  Call or email the office for an appointment.  Don’t wait….your competition is already getting their regular treatments.  917-701-7582

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