Socks For A Cause

I was given a gift from a patient of mine last week.  Two pair of socks….but they aren’t just any socks.  They are BOMBAS socks.  Ultra comfy, cushy, feels like a foot massage when you are wearing them and because my patient knows I am at the gym quite often and ride a Harley, this wonderful person gave me a crew sock set and a longer calf length set that do NOT slide down when you wear them – hence the perfect riding sock.  What makes BOMBAS socks so special is this:  when the inventive team sat down to design these great socks, they ran across a quote:  “Socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.”  And so, they had an ‘AHA moment!  They thought what a great act of human -ness it would be if, for every pair of socks they sold, they would donate a pair to the homeless.  As of this blog post, OVER 1 MILLION SOCKS HAVE BEEN DONATED!  Amazing what a group of young people can do inventively both for business, the comfort of those who have means and for the many people who haven’t even a pair of socks.  Think about it, people….the feel of a nice, new pair of cushy socks.  Imagine your life if you didn’t even have this once per month, 6 months, a year.  So, today, I give you the link below so you can learn more about the fantastic BOMBAS socks I’m wearing to the gym this evening and how you can get 20% discount off your purchase and with every pair of socks you buy, you are giving a pair of socks to someone who really needs them!  Please click on the link…you’ll be glad you did.


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