Slow and Steady Wins the Weight Race

Patients who have enrolled into my Wellness Program are typically trying to lose more than 20lbs.  Losing weight is the easier portion of the program.  Keeping the weight off is more difficult and requires a game plan.  My wellness patients come in for an initial consultation and based on that personal encounter, I can devise a Wellness Program that will work with their lifestyle with subtle changes instituted over a 12 week period.  To stay in the game and win the weight race, ‘slow and steady’ is key.  Patience and discipline are necessary for long lasting results.  Think of weight loss like building a house.  A strong foundation and layers of bricks firmly builds a strong structure meter by meter.  Suffice it to say that 1lb per week lost each week for 12 weeks and kept off reduces over 72lbs of pressure on a person’s knees.  Using the 12lb example, this type of long term weight loss could keep you from a pre-diabetic condition, stroke and heart attack risk and a myriad of other health issues as you age.  As much as many of us scowl at the thought of exercise, it makes a tremendous difference in weight loss if you walked 3 miles per day at the very least.

Regular acupuncture treatments along with enrolling into my Wellness Program can help shed those unwanted pounds and help keep them off.  For more information on the Wellness Program, call or email the office.  917-701-7582


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