September 11th…Fear – The Final Factor

It’s been 14 years since the September attacks on United States soil on a massive scale.  The most expressed emotion most Americans experienced was ‘fear’.  Immediately after September 11th, many people worldwide (especially Americans) reflected on their lives.  Many babies were born 10 to 12 months after that fateful day.  Many people disengaged themselves from deadbeat jobs and found new and more fulfilling careers.  Some finally got that divorce they should have gotten 20 years earlier, but didn’t for all the wrong reasons.  Some people decided to take the second chance in life God gave them and took risks:  they got married, moved to another state, trekked the Himalayas.  The stories are endless….people became ‘fear-less’.

In my practice, I encounter many people who live each day in fear – fearful of taking vacation time because they are afraid of job loss (even though they are entitled to holiday time), fearful of ending a bad marriage because they are afraid to lose money, fearful of setting boundaries because they are afraid to say ‘no’…and the list goes on. As a result, their health suffers tremendously. Why?  Fear causes the adrenal glands to work harder; it causes the ‘fight or flight’ nervous system reaction which increases  blood pressure and creates a tremendous strain on the human immune system.  This creates disease and shortens one’s lifespan.  Fear really ages people more than they know.

What are the lessons from the original September 11th tragedy and what is the personal ‘take home’ message?  In truth, we live in a sick, demented world these days and we could all be dead tomorrow.  Ask yourselves today, ‘what am I afraid of’?’  Reflect and make a list.  If it’s loss of money, then sit down with a financial planner and create a strategy that will help eliminate your monetary fears.  If it’s that divorce that should have been obtained years ago, then just do it…chances are you’ve let true love walk out the door because of your fear of your ‘spouse’s wrath’.  If you’ve been dreaming of that bucket list trip, then start making a plan and go see and live your dream.

Don’t allow fear to wear you out and keep you down.  You will diminish your body’s resilience to fight disease, your well-being in general will suffer, you’ll lose sleep and in the end….you’re not here on this planet forever, so make the most of every day and get busy living life to its fullest.  Take a few minutes to today and think about your life and how you’re going about your business….it just might be time to change.  Change is good – embrace it and without fear.  Your body will thank you for it and you’ll most likely live healthier and longer.

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