Running On Empty Is Not Such A Good Idea

If you had a high priced performance car – say a Maserati – would you skimp on oil changes?  Would you use cheap gasoline?  I highly doubt it.  You would take mighty good care of that car so that it would drive as a high performance car should. 

Your body is the most amazing high performance organic machine on earth, so when it comes down to our bodies, why skimp on the maintenance?  Food is fuel for proper homeostasis.  High grade fuel put into our mouths yields high levels of energetic output.  This is simple:  eat junk food, sugary drinks, and foods with empty calories and you are basically putting sugar into your gas line.  Eventually the engine will seize and all systems will fail (can we say diabetes?). A diet that contains a good balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and fiber will yield a super level of energetic output; just ask any Ironman/woman what they eat on a regular basis to compete in long distance endurance competitions.  You’d be surprised with the variety of foods they feed their bodies for high performance. 

 Checking tire pressure is also of major importance for optimal performance…checking your blood pressure on a regular basis is very important for good health.  Regular acupuncture sessions can help stabilize and maintain a healthy blood pressure level.  Small modifications to lifestyle and diet added to your maintenance plan can help eliminate excess fat, improve circulation and help with overall mood and attitude (sugar/carb highs and lows have been found to result in drastic mood swings in the general population).  

Countering ‘Yang’ exercises (Crossfit, running, tennis, et al) with ‘Yin’ exercises (yoga, pilates, stretching, et al) creates muscle tone and balance.  This Yin/Yang technique of exercise ensures that oxygen, new red blood cells, hormones and neurotransmitters are bathing your muscles, ligaments and tendons to counteract the Yang activities you love to engage in so often.

If you reading this and thinking “Gee, I’m not doing all of the above”, then you might just be close to running on empty.  You need an overall plan, so you do not injure yourself or wear yourself down and become ill because you’ve not had proper nutrition, or put together a well-rounded exercise routine for your own performance machine.

Call or email the office and enroll yourself in the 12 week Wellness Program.  An analysis of your lifestyle will reveal where changes can be made to tweak your body into becoming a Maserati.

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