Rid Yourself Of Seasonal Joint Pain

It’s that time of year once again.  The temperature drops 10 degrees overnight and that cold, wet and rainy weather is causing you more aches and pains than you could ever have imagined.  You become a much more effective weather forecaster than the guy/gal on the television screen…you just KNOW when it’s going to rain or snow.  What to do?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this condition is referred to as “Damp Bi Syndrome”.  Dampness finds its way into the joints and settles in…cozy for the dampness but most uncomfortable for the human host (animals are also affected by the damp, cold and wet weather).  Weekly acupuncture treatments can reduce or eliminate these painful symptoms and allow you to enjoy your fall/winter holiday events.  All my patients who schedule regular weekly acupuncture sessions enjoy participating in winter sports, and live a much better quality of life than those who slack off on their regular treatments.  In addition to acupuncture, the application of heat to the affected area with tiger’s balm or a warming gel will provide some relief.

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