Remember Them On Memorial Day

It’s that time of year…the official start of summer…and just in the nick of time, the warm weather has arrived here in the Northeast.  Pack your bags, stuff the kids, the dog and the goodies into the automobiles and go have a great time this coming weekend.  A few things to remember:  bug spray, sunscreen, first aid kit, water, dog food, poop bags, kid stuff, parent stuff….you all know the drill.  For those folks who travel light (no dogs, no kids) just remember the first four items on the list.

But, while we are all out there having a jolly good time, remember that the veterans who fought and gave their lives for us is the reason we have this weekend to celebrate.  So, sometime during the next few days, take a minute or so to remember those who stood for our freedoms….and teach your children the same.

Have a great Memorial Day holiday!

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