Rabbit…The Other White Meat

See this photo?  What was  really going on here?  My dog knew that man way down yonder on the beach had a wonderful sandwich in his hand and she was just itching to go full rocket speed after him to steal it and slurp it down in one gulp.  That dog could run faster than the speed of a bullet and no kidding….she used to catch jackrabbits with little effort.  In my dog’s mind the Easter Bunny tasted just like chicken.

Speaking of rabbit, it is a wonderful protein choice and quite commonly found in stews, roasted with fabulous sauces and makes for tasty pate’s.  Rabbit is all white meat and is recommended for special diets (heart disease patients, diets for the elderly, low sodium diets, and weight reduction diets). It is easy to digest and contains only 795 calories per pound (compared to chicken at 810, veal at 840, turkey at 1190, lamb at 1420, beef at 1440 and pork at 2050).  Rabbit contains a high percentage of protein and a lower percentage of fat and cholesterol than chicken, turkey, beef, or pork.  Rabbit…if you don’t know how to prepare or cook it, just go to the food network online and check out some amazing recipes.

Oh yes….eventually I did have to let go of Sooki’s paw…..she made a beeline for that man’s sandwich, but he was on to her and ran for his life while downing his sub as fast as his jaws could chew!

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