Protect Your Heart

Today, think about your cardiovascular health.  Sounds intimidating, but small changes over time can do much to improve your cardiovascular health.  Here are a few tips for a healthy heart:

  • MOVE!  Every day, participate in an activity to get your blood moving and your heart pumping.  Dance in your bedroom, walk, swim, cycle, take the dog for a walk.  Getting the blood flowing improves circulation, makes the heart (which is one big muscle) stronger, burns calories and is a wonderful stress buster.
  • Eliminate the Negatives and Accentuate the Positives.  Do whatever you can to eliminate toxicity and negativity in your life.  Stress and negativity in our lives causes the nervous system to react with a ‘fight or flight’ response.  This drains the adrenals, raises the blood pressure and causes the body to go into survival mode.  The body will hold onto extra fat reserves and that leads to obesity and further taxation on the heart.
  • Visit you general practitioner for regular checkups
  • Schedule regular acupuncture appointments for total well being

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