Prevent Your Allergies From Ruining Your Life

AccuWeather meteorologist Alan Reppert has reported that due to warmer February weather, the pollen season is arriving “10-20 days ahead of normal in some areas” (USA Today Mar 6, ’17).[1] More than 270 cities and towns across the nation had their warmest February on record, according to the Weather Channel. This warming trend is now known as ‘season creep’, according to Climate Nexus.

This means that all allergy sufferers should be preparing earlier this year to stave off the debilitating symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis. Regular acupuncture treatments can help dramatically reduce or completely eliminate the need for injections and prescription drugs commonly administered for red itchy eyes, runny noses, and scratchy throats.[2] Regular acupuncture treatments PRIOR to the arrival of pollen season can help boost the immune system so your own body can fight off the allergens that have been plaguing you year after year.

Live your life fully and at optimum health. This year, don’t stay indoors – get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and really smell the flowers without suffering from seasonal rhinitis. Spring is just around the corner – don’t wait, schedule an appointment today!


[1] Contributing to USA Today: Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY; Tom Charlier, The Commercial Appeal; James M. O’Neill,; The Associated Press



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