Prepare Smart To Get Ready For That Competitive Sporting Event

Ok, people! It’s Competition Time! You’ve spent hours in the gym prepping for that triathlon, decathlon, marathon, Cross Fit, Muddler and any other sporting competition there might be cooked up out there. Have you truly prepared yourself for ‘race day’? Have you paid attention to your nutritional needs? Have you been warming up, stretching and cooling down? How limber and loose are you…really?? The professional athlete shaves seconds and milliseconds off his/her time by utilizing a team of nutritionists, trainers, and ACUPUNCTURISTS to MAXIMIZE speed, agility, endurance and strength…this is what makes the difference between winning and losing (if all those hours you’ve spent torturing yourself in the gym really matter to you). My athletic clientele ‘runs the rope’ from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, and no matter who walks through the door, everyone is treated with the same high standard of care. Regular weekly treatments at my clinic ensure that you will run faster, jump higher, kick and punch harder, swing that club and hit that golf ball where you want it to go, and best of all – recuperate faster so you can prepare for your next event. How does it work? Basically, the gentle insertion of an acupuncture needle into a precise point sends a signal to the central nervous system in the brain. The brain decodes the signal and ‘understands’ that particular section of the body needs specific ingredients for optimum homeostasis. The central nervous system then ‘orders’ various systems of the body to transport neurotransmitters, hormones, red blood cells and all other cellular nutrients to the areas of the body that are lacking these essentials; thus relieving muscle tightness and pain, restrictive motion, fatigue and neuropathies. Nutritional counseling and various stretching techniques are usually part of treatment strategies. The end result? Relief of pain, improved range of motion, improved overall performance…competition ready! So, if you’ve been training hard and not really getting those results you thought you would achieve….do what the pros do…come into my office and start treatment today!

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