Men’s Health

  • Sexual Health – Day-to-day stress combined with an imbalanced lifestyle can lead to hormonal imbalances. These imbalances can be the cause of low libido, sexual dysfunction (ED, delayed orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculations and/or erections, and pelvic floor pain). The combined therapies of acupuncture, cold laser, Chinese herbal formulas and Wellness counseling can help rectify these imbalances and get you back into your game. I offer an environment where you will feel safe and free to express yourself, so an individual treatment strategy can be made just for you to meet your goals. These treatments are noninvasive and painless.
  • Prostatitis & BPH – Inflammation of the prostate gland can be painful and lead to sexual/urinary dysfunction.  An enlarged prostate which is untreated, can lead to further complications and sexual dysfunction. The combined therapies of acupuncture, cold laser and Chinese herbal formulas can help reduce and/or eliminate inflammation and help shrink an enlarged prostate gland. These treatments are noninvasive and nonsurgical with absolutely no risk of impotence.
  • Male Infertility – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along with lifestyle changes can improve the morphology and motility of the sperm and help to increase sperm count. These changes typically occur over a period of 3 to 6 months and can be crucial to a couple’s ability to produce a baby.
  • Andropause – Women aren’t the only humans to experience a “mid-life crisis.” Andropause (or male menopause) is hugely neglected within mainstream medicine.  Loss of muscle mass, weight gain, low sex drive, insomnia, depression and anxiety are some of the symptoms associated with andropause. When was the last time your MD tested your bone density to determine a baseline for your bone health as you age? This and many other issues will be discussed during your initial consultation and treatment appointment to ensure that you are going to go into your 50s and beyond as the best man you can be. Based on our initial conversation, I will formulate a treatment program just for your needs and goals and you will notice changes after just a few sessions.