Memorial Day Weekend Time To Remember…

We’re coming up to Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s the unofficial start of summer and time to clean the pool, the grill, shake out the cushions for the deck and start inviting friends over for parties.

It is also a time when we should remember WHY we have a holiday weekend and a day called “Memorial Day”.   We all have the privilege to enjoy a day of rest because another American risked their life for our freedom and well being.  Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if all of us said ‘thank you’ to a veteran this weekend?  Wouldn’t it be even better if, when we’re buying that morning cup of coffee this weekend and saw a veteran on the line, we bought that soldier a cup of coffee or picked up his or her tab?

Give it some thought and remember what Memorial Day means and why it’s so important to remember those who served and died for our freedoms.

Be safe, have fun and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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