Lifewave patches are non-transdermal (nothing enters the body or bloodstream). There are no side effects. This system of light therapy is powered by the body’s own natural heat. The patches work by magnifying and reflecting the body’s own infrared light and thereby stimulating acupuncture points and inducing Qi or bioenergy to flow freely.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all pain, discomfort, or dis-ease symptoms are causead by a stagnation of Qi or Bioenergy. Remove the blockage and the body can start its own healing process. Lifewave patches achieve effects similar to laser acupuncture by using the body’s own light paired with biological signals embedded in the patch to induce beneficial biochemical and physiological without molecular inputs.

Lifewave Patches Do 2 Things:
1. assemble peptides 2. move Bioenergy or Qi TYPES OF PATCHES X39 these patches help to increase stem cell production. Y-AGE this is a collection of patches for complete body balance. They include:

  • AEON these patches can help to reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation and balance the brain.
  • GLUTATHIONE these patches help to augment the immune system and detox the body. In many cases, the level of glutathione is increased by 300% in 24 hours when wearing this patch.
  • CARNOSINE these patches help to increase carnosine peptides in the body for heart, brain and muscle repair.

ENERGY ENHANCER these patches help to increase stamina, endurance, energy, flexibility and burn fat. ICE WAVE these patches are for drug free pain relief. SILENT NIGHTS these patches can help with a 66% increase in length and quality of sleep. SP COMPLETE these patches help to balance hormones, curb cravings, and promote weight loss. ALAVIDA these patches are for skin rejeneration and renewal inside and out. NIRVANA these patches may help you be more joyous and light of spirit.

TIPS When Using Patches TRY to be well-hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of high-quality filtered water during the entire day and try to eliminate on a regular basis all the water you are drinking.
TRY to avoid caffeine, juice, alcohol because these liquids raise the staomach’s temperature (over 37º C). Very cold liquids lower the stomach’s temperature. Maintaining moderate internal stomach temperature is very important…too hot or too cold forces the stomach to work overtime to transform and transport nutrients vital to homeostasis and good health. Overtaxing the stomach can lead to lethargy, weight gain, gas, bloating, insomnia and acid reflux.
You are reading this because you want to balance your body. You want to improve your digestion and sleep, relieve your pain and live life more fully and with joy. Don’t do all this work for naught…a little bit of effort goes a long way!

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