Life's Pleasant Surprises

Each time I stand on my yoga mat, I think of my first yoga instructor. Everything I know about yoga and have taught to many students of my own during the past 15 years or so I attribute to this woman. Her teaching style was one of patience, humor, grace and an eye for technique that no other instructor I’ve trained with has ever come close to in expertise. Today, as I entered the yoga studio, I heard we were to have a substitute instructor. I searched the room to see who our guide would be for the day’s class. WOW! Our eyes met, our smiles grew wide together and we greeted one another with a big hug and kiss, but it was like we saw each other just last week – never mind 10 years had gone by. I said ‘not a day goes by on the mat that I do not think of you and all you taught me and how I try so hard to pass those gifts on to my patients’. The class was like old times; like an old favorite blanket that keeps you cozy and warm. I thought for a few moments during the session if the other students in the room knew what a talented and gifted teacher they had in their midst and what a precious gift they had been given for an hour of their lives…a most very special human being. After the class (life being what it is), I had to hurry and say a quick goodbye. We said we will try to ‘do coffee’, ‘make a class’, and all other polite ways of saying ‘maybe’….but truly, it didn’t really matter to either of us. We both had a nice surprise; a slice of sunshine; a bright smile. Two souls that believe in karma, souls’ interactions, and the eternity of living, so what does it matter if we see each other next week, or next millennium? I’ll see you when I see you…but what a pleasant surprise to see you nonetheless!
Life is full of surprises, but the nice surprises – oh they make it all so worth the while!

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