Let's Spice Up Life & Get Healthy

There is just so much information being put out to us every day regarding the health hazards of using too much iodized salt and sugar in our everyday diets.  I personally, do not use sugar, nor do I ever use iodized salt in my cooking, nor do I add either ingredient to my plate of food.  Instead of salt and sugar, I add ground cinnamon to my coffee and I use spices and fresh herbs to all my cooking adventures.  Variety is the spice of life…so here’s the scoop on some spices and what they can do for your health besides just tasting good!

Cinnamon – you can add cinnamon to your cold cereal instead of sugar; add to your coffee, oatmeal and in your homemade bbq sauce!  Cinnamon moves the blood circulation and can help reduce overall blood sugar.

Thyme – meat, fish, pastas, soups and stews….throw in a few teaspoons of thyme and you can help prevent food borne bacteria from making your evening a most unpleasant and prolonged visit to the toilet.

Ginger – yummy in the tummy and you can add ginger to just about everything you prep to eat.  Makes for a great tea too!  Ginger is fab for colds, flus, muscles aches and pains and after strenuous workouts.

Tumeric – soups, stews, Mediterranean dishes – this is a gem for reducing inflammation in the body….got arthritic aches and pains?  google turmeric recipes!

Crushed red pepper – pasta sauces, chili or just spice up your dishes with this one.  You’ll improve your circulation and during those cold winter months, red pepper will warm your toes!

Don’t know how to use these ingredients?  Easy breezy!  Just google the spice and you’ll find a plethora of recipes online…get off facebook and get with making life a lot more interesting!

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