It's TIme To Show Those Migraines Who's The Boss

There is a very good reason why some of New York’s finest neurologists and headache specialists send their toughest cases to my clinic for relief of their migraine headaches…I get results. Period. The root cause of a migraine can range from hormonal imbalance to nutritional insufficiency or any other pathology. Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the ENTIRE body, not just one section, so when a patient presents with a history of migraine headaches, an interrogation of all body systems ensues to arrive at the root cause of the pathology, followed by a treatment plan that will not only resolve the headache immediately (should the patient be experiencing a migraine while at the clinic), but prevent the headaches from returning on a permanent basis. If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, here’s the number to call to show those headaches who’s the boss!

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