It's Earth Day….Plant a Flower or Get A Houseplant

Today is Earth Day!  One of my favorite days, because I must be on the mailing list to almost every plant, flower and seed catalog out there and I just love to look at those beautiful pages of flowers and plants.  Facebook put something on my page yesterday – it was a photo taken of me the first year I started my little garden behind a Harley Davidson Dealership.  The owners had allotted me a little plot of land to plant a few herbs – a distraction 5 years ago to take my mind of my little dog, Sooki, who was living her last days due to bone cancer.  While she rested in the shade, under a mobile home that was parked next to my little plot of land, I cleared away empty oil cans, cardboard, metal…all kinds of trash…to make my little garden ‘a happening’.  I collected metal braces that are used to ship motorcycles to create a garden border and decorated around the metal braces with large stones I was digging out of the soil.  Lots of elbow grease, love and luck…my little garden supplied me with wonderful herbs and gave me some peace in the following weeks after my beloved companion passed on to the Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge.

It’s 5 years now since I started that little garden and throughout the years, it became a much larger ‘real’ garden…trumpet vines, white climbing roses, 600 perennial bulbs and enough vegetables and herbs and flowers to keep the dealership’s employees stocked for the season with fresh nutritional options…all pesticide and non-GMO.  I put a bird bath in the garden and planted flowers to attract the bees  and birds so that they should pollenate the plants.  Trumpet vines attract hummingbirds that are not only beautiful to watch but also are great for the garden.  The cinderblocks that I used to build my elevated garden beds worked fabulously because I planted herbs that needed some shade in the holes – between marigolds that not only shaded the delicate herbal plants but also served to keep away mosquitoes and other nasty pests.  Stale beer in cans strategically placed in more of the cinderblock holes served to keep down the slug population.

I visited the NY Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show this past Sunday….how glorious and beautiful was the dazzling display of colors, shapes and scents!

Today is Earth Day….honor our Mother Earth today and plant a flower, buy a houseplant, recycle your trash and don’t spit on the sidewalks of New York City…that’s our Urban Earth and we want to keep that earthly reality as pleasant as possible!

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