Improve Your Chances of Conception: Low Level Laser Therapy and Fertility

Low Level Laser Therapy (sometimes referred to as LLLT or Cold Laser) has been utilized by the medical establishment since 1967. LLLT is a noninvasive, pain free, safe and highly effective method of helping a woman attain a pregnancy. The combination of acupuncture, herbal formulas and LLLT can help a woman attain a pregnancy naturally and can be a very important adjunctive therapy when western therapies (IVF) are being used for conception.

So, how does it work? Every cell in the body contains a mitochondria (you might remember the ‘Mighty Mitochondria’ or ‘powerhouse of the cell’ from your biology class). The mitochondria of the cells produce ATP (cellular energy). Women are born with a finite number of eggs.  As we age, so do our eggs; their quality decreases over time.  Hence, an 18 year old female’s eggs are more energized than a 40 year old woman’s eggs. As a woman ages, the mitochondria in the cells cannot produce the same amount of ATP. ATP is important in fertility because this is what determines the quality of the egg, follicle stimulation, division rate and implantation success of embryos. In short, it’s not so much the age of the woman, but the energy of the cell that determines a viable pregnancy. The more energized the cell, the more oxygenized it is. Oxygen is ‘key’ to increased blood cell production, circulation, hormonal balance, collagen production and the body’s ability to function most efficiently. Because of its ability to stimulate the energy of cells, LLLT is also used for scar tissue reduction and inflammatory conditions of a woman’s reproductive system (two factors that can prevent a woman’s chances of conception).

I have been using LLLT at my clinic for years to help my patients achieve a viable pregnancy. Cold Laser Therapy can help you on your road to a successful pregnancy. Allow me to help you become a mother. Please telephone or email the clinic to schedule a consultation.


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4 Comments on “Improve Your Chances of Conception: Low Level Laser Therapy and Fertility

  1. Hi. I live in MN, and am trying to find a way to utilize low level laser therapy for my infertility before I pursue IVF. I have already been doing acupuncture, diet modifications, eliminating toxins, working on mindset and meditation, arvigo massage, working with a naturopath and MD to regulate my hormones, but I would love to incorporate this as well (especially because our IVF will likely be a natural cycle, so egg quality will be of utmost importance, and I am 41). The problem is, I can’t find anybody in MN that uses cold laser for infertility. I have found a chiropractor willing to work with me using his laser, but I need to bring him a protocol. Is there anyway I could, through a consult or otherwise, get some guidance from you on how to do this? Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Robyn, Unfortunately, every patient presents differently, so there is no ‘cookie cutter’ protocol I would recommend. My methods incorporate laser and acupuncture. Have you tried reaching out to your local fertility center for a referral? Best of luck to you!

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