How To Make Your Colonoscopy Prep Less Nauseating

The preparation for a colonoscopy is never pleasant.  The solution one must constantly drink is quite nauseating and between the multiple trips to the toilet seat and the hunger….well, it’s not a fun 24 hours.

Here is a tip to make the process a less nauseating experience and this is what I tell all my patients to do during their preps.  If you follow my instructions, you most likely not become nauseous,  nor will you become hungry during the 24 hour period prior to your colonoscopy.  Here’s the golden caveat:

Purchase 2 boxes of Pacific brand low sodium vegetable broth.  Make sure the prep solution you are required to drink is as cold as you can get it.  Prior to drinking the prep solution, heat a mug of the clear vegetable broth in the microwave so that it is warm enough to guzzle down.  HOLD YOUR NOSE AND GUZZLE DOWN THE PREP SOLUTION.  KEEP YOUR NOSE HELD AND IMMEDIATELY START DRINKING THE VEGETABLE BROTH.  After a few swallows, you can stop holding your nose and sip the vegetable broth.  This will keep you from tasting the despicable prep solution, while filling your stomach with vitamin – enriching clear vegetable broth (which is allowed during this 24 hour prep period).  It will also keep you from fainting (as you will have lower blood sugar and blood pressure from the lack of food and constant defecation and dehydration).  Immediately proceeding the mug of broth, drink an 8oz glass of water at room temperature to ensure proper hydration.

If you follow my instructions, your miserable 24 hours will be less miserable, less nauseous and a bit tastier….been there, done it myself, and all my patients do the same….because it works!

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