Getting Your Body Back without Breaking the Bank

Last weekend, I was at my favorite green grocer to stock up on fruits and veggies for the week.  I live in Manhattan, so it isn’t cheap to eat well if one is purchasing groceries in the Big Apple.  I’m fortunate enough to own a car and I go outside Gotham to do my shopping.  This saves me a lot of money and allows me to purchase those ‘special items’ that would be prohibitive if I were to obtain them close to home.  Manhattanites refer to Whole Foods as “Whole Paycheck”.  The prices are outrageous and most folks just cannot afford to shop there.  In general, it’s just plain expensive to purchase good healthy food and so cheap to buy a Happy Meal at McDonald’s.  There’s definitely something wrong with the picture.  So, where do you shop and for what items if you have a tight budget, but would like to eat healthy and nutritious meals?  Ask me….I’m the Queen of Cheap Eats, but Great Eats!  You may need to take a train or bus if you’re in Manhattan, or get into your car and drive a few miles, but there are some wonderful grocery/green markets you can shop for some of the best produce, fish, meat and grains in every area.  Do a little research. In many neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens for example, local restauranteurs have set up a grocery store specifically for the community.  Universal Produce is one such market in Astoria, Queens.  Rossman’s is another market in Brooklyn.  The  fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, fish and grains they purchase for their many restaurants are the very items being sold to the community at a discount.  The same produce that might cost you $40 at a well known supermarket might cost you $10 at a community-based market.  That leaves you $30 in your wallet for those special items you’d love to purchase for a memorable meal; or, you could just be happy with an extra $30 in your wallet for a fun activity.So, if you don’t have a community based market within a reasonable distance, what can you purchase that is super healthy and won’t break the piggy bank?  Well, Weight Watchers recently did the research (so let’s give them the credit here).  The following is a list Weight Watchers published in September 2017 magazine:Quinoa:  at $2.14 per pound, a 3/4cup cooked serving is $0.21.  This serving contains 8g complete protein and 60% of daily manganese needs.  It is an anti-inflammatory, has heart healthy fats and essential fatty acids.Carrots & Cauliflower:  at $0.98 to $2.48 per pound, the cost of a cup of each is approximately $.0.20 to $0.50 per serving.  These two veggies are filling and full of Vitamin A and antioxidants.  A cup of cauliflower contains 73% of daily vitamin C and can reduce the risk of certain cancers.Kiwi:A  at $3.56 per pound or %0.53 per kiwi, you can either eat it like a New Zealander (did you know their currency is named a ‘kiwi’?) and just rub the fuzz off between your hands and eat it like an apple, or scoop the fruit out from its skin or peel the skin from the fruit.  This little green guy is loaded with vitamin K and vitamin C.  It’s fun, looks great and it’s loaded with flavor.Kale:  at $0.11 per cup serving, Kale is King in my book.  You can eat it raw in salad, sautee’ it and make a bed of cooked Kale to lie under your pasta or protein source.  You can juice it, make soups from kale…oh, and let’s not forget about those great kale chips!  Kale contains lutein for eye health, It’s high in vitamins A and C, has manganese and is good for your bone health.Oats:  at $0.07 per half cup serving ($1.09 per pound), this grain will not only make your wallet happy but keep you happy all day long.  Cooked, raw, made into snacks or cookies (not so much sugar in the mix, please), oats are full of fiber, it’s gluten-free and has been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and breast cancer.This is just a start, folks.  There are so many wonderful healthy and economic choices out there for you to choose from.  Do a little research – go explore your green grocer and look for items that you’ve never tasted.  Take your smart phone with you and google each item’s nutritional value.  Spend a little time online and look for recipes for some of the items I’ve mentioned and take a good look at legumes (beans).  Food Network has some great recipes and I swear by Weight Watchers if you’re trying to lose a few pounds or just need a ‘reset’ in the food department.

Nutritional Counseling at Golden Acupuncturist

If you’re a bit lost and need nutritional counseling, call or email the office and set up a consultation for my Wellness Program.  This is a 12 week lifestyle program I have developed and tailored to each person’s individual needs and goals.  Your goal might be to lose 10lbs, gain 5lbs, be in fit shape for that triathlon, marathon or vacation, or maybe you just need to live a healthier lifestyle.  I’m here to help you.  I work with you to achieve your goals.  Intrigued?  Contact me and we’ll talk.

New Office Location

If you haven’t already heard, my new office is bright, beautiful and fabulous!  I am now located at 156 William St (8th floor)which is just 1 block from newly constructed Fulton St hub.  My office is within Beyond Basics Physical Therapy.  The facility is newly built with state of the art equipment and facilities.  If you haven’t visited my new space, call or email me.  I’d be happy to show you the facility, introduce you to great therapists and schedule you for a treatment in this calm, peaceful environment.  Stay tuned for more healthy tips on this blog and please pass it on to friends, colleagues and family.  As always, your feedback and referrals is what helps me serve you better.  Happy July and be happy and healthy!

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