How the Golden Acupuncturist® Health and Wellness Remote Consultation Program Works

How the Golden Acupuncturist® Health and Wellness Remote Consultation Program Works

Congratulations! You can now have the privilege of my expertise no matter where in the world you are and, if you are reading this, then you are already in charge of your health and wellness BUT WANT MORE!

And MORE is what you will achieve with this amazing program that will be fine-tuned for your individual goals.

Your first step is to click on the link below and provide me with your name, email address, and permission to contact you for a FREE 15 Minute Conversation where we will discuss your goals and I will guide you to a program that will help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

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This remote consultation service is ideal for men and women who do not have the time for in-person consultations and treatments, who travel constantly, or are not geographically able to commit to office treatments.  

Services Offered:

Nutritional Counseling

Traditional Chinese Medicine follows the common sense protocol of ‘eat for the seasons’ and ‘eat for body type’. Quite often, it is not so much the ‘what’ a person is consuming, but his or her behavioral patterns of eating. Here at Golden Acupuncturist®, you’ll have fun exploring new patterns of eating some of your favorite foods and expand your food choices. Food should be fun, not punishment. So, come on board the Golden Food Train and you’ll be surprised just how far you can go! Call or email my office today for more program information.

Guided Meditation

During your personal and private guided meditation session, I create a special and safe place where you can close your eyes and go far away in your mind to rest, relax and rejuvenation your mind and soul. This is a wonderful avenue for those who are unable to shut their minds off from the craziness of the world and relax. These soothing and relaxing sessions are available for 30 minute and 15 minute sessions. Call or email me for program details.


During your online class, I will teach you how to apply acupressure to self-treat no matter where you are in the world. Acupressure can be a very effective method to treat various health conditions any time of the day or evening. My patients who are enrolled in this program just love the results they achieve with simply applying pressure to strategic points. Call or email my office for more information.

Herbal Consultation

So many products are on the market today…herbs, minerals, vitamins…I will give you the education and information you need to make the right choices. I am trained in Chinese herbal medicine as well as in nutrition and biosciences. I have been practicing herbal consultation for over 15 years and can help you manage through the dizzying maze of products in the market to find what’s best for your individual health and wellness needs. Call or email my office for details.

Stress Reduction

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and yogic breathing exercises are wonderful tools you can take advantage of to manage your stress. No matter where in the world you are, or what time of day, knowing how to use these tools can help to make a difference between remaining calm and carrying on, or having an anxiety attack. Please telephone or email me and we can discuss how a few online classes can make a significant difference in your levels of stress.

Cooking Classes

During this corovid-19 crisis, take – out can become seriously redundant. You have a few items in the pantry and the fridge, but haven’t a clue what to do with them? Call or email me. I am Master of Cheap and Great Eats! During your first consultation, you will show me what you’ve got in your pantry, tell me what your favorite dishes are when visiting a restaurant, and what your cooking skills are. I’ll guide you through a shopping list (you can order most ingredients and cooking tools online), and teach you how to compose some amazing meals that look fabulous, taste great, are super easy to prepare and cook and even better – easy on the purse strings. You’ll have fun and who knows….you might have your own YouTube channel on the horizon!

Online consultations and classes may include the use of ear seeds, light therapy patches, supplements, and/or online or directly ordered pantry restock.  Based on my recommendations and to continue your journey to optimum wellness, I will guide you and give you a suggested list of tools you will benefit from for your self-care.  I want you to have the very best outcome from your personalized program, so to provide you with the finest resources; I have partnered with several highly reputable suppliers with whom you can  order directly from my website the items on your suggested list to complete your toolbox.  These partners will not only give you a client-privilege discounted rate, but will also deliver directly to your home, office, and in some cases – worldwide. The links below provide information on these organizations and a fast-track to order directly if you have already become a privileged client of my program:

Program Pricing:  You have many options as a client and there are several Program options based on your goals we will discuss during our initial conversation.  Most major credit cards, FSA/HSA cards are accepted.

Don’t wait for Health and Wellness…take the first step today and sign up for your FREE INITIAL CONVERSATION.

The Golden Acupuncturist® Health and Wellness Remote Consultation Program platform is HIPAA compliant.