Gone Fishin'

It’s the 4th of July weekend and the mass – dash – exodus out of Manhattan has already begun! I’m outta here myself; as fast as I can…off to Roscoe, New York, the trout fishing capital of America, to test my not-so-fabulous fly fishing skills and see what I can catch. Whatever you decide to do with your holiday weekend, don’t forget your sunscreen; remember to stay adequately hydrated, be safe and above all…have fun! On a more serious note: remember, this is Independence Day here in the United States. If you live here, earn your living here, remember that this is YOUR COUNTRY; so when you speak of YOUR COUNTRY, be mindful that THIS is your country, not a distant land you where formerly resided. We are ALL Americans; ultimately, we ALL have come from somewhere ELSE, and this is truly the ONLY country in the world where we can become ANYTHING we desire. We can achieve greatness, richness, success and have any opinion and right to say and speak our minds….let’s keep it that way. So, give that some thought for a few minutes while you’re at your bbq, event or activity this weekend. It is a privilege to be holding an American passport; be proud of it, respect it and do it justice!

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