Free Guided Meditations Can Change Your Life

Recently, on one of my many flights out west, I perused through JetBlue’s many on-screen entertainment categories and found a hidden gem.  It is called “Headspace” and it is a free guided meditation app.  I decided to give it a try in my window seat and was pleasantly surprised how nice this guided meditation was.  I downloaded the app into my phone and I am quite impressed with Headspace.  You can choose your goals for meditation: relaxation, focus, more energy, anxiety and stress management – it’s all there and very user-friendly.  You can select how many minutes you would like to meditate as well and set up a reminder on your phone for your daily meditation.  I recommend meditation to all my patients because it is grounding and takes us all out of our immediate mindsets for a brief amount of time.  This allows for a ‘reset’ of the brain.  It will lower your blood pressure, give you more focus, less anxiety and stress and recharge your body’s batteries.  No matter what you need on a daily basis, there is a free guided meditation for you at the tips of your fingers.  Try it, it’s free, it’s good for you.

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