For The Men Today…Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Prostate And Optimum Semen

“Everything in moderation” was what most of our parents told us.  red meat, fish, vegetables, sweets and alcohol.  If we ate and drank everything in moderation, there would be fewer people suffering from metabolic disease, hypertension, heart disease and obesity.  But for the men today, obesity (not only a diet high in saturated fats) has been associated with high incidence of aggressive prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and subfertility.

Here’s a healthy tip today for the men:   a diet high in fatty Omega-3 oils ( for example:  salmon & chilean sea bass) can help preserve your hormonal health.  Fatty Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats promote good semen quality (necessary for fertility) and overall higher hormonal health.  This is very important for maintaining a healthy prostate.  Prostate cancer can lead to infertility, impotence and other serious maladies.  Fatty Omega-3’s can also help with mood swings.  As men age, they go through a process known as Andropause (male menopause).  This stage of life exhibits a natural decrease in the levels of testosterone within a man’s body.  This hormonal imbalance can lead to depression, low libido and general fatigue.  That ‘midlife crisis’ is much more complicated than you would think.

So, instead of ordering the chicken or turkey, think FISH!  FISH = FABULOUS, FIT, FERTILITY!

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