Essential Tremors

Essential tremors is a common neurological disorder of unknown cause that typically affects the hands, but can also affect the head, arms and eyelids.  These are rhythmic tremors or shaking movements that are uncontrollable.  Essential tremors can make holding a glass steady very difficult, make the easy task of writing extremely difficult, or everyday conversation distracting as your head might continuously shake or your speech become very quivery.   This condition is typically familial and usually occurs in persons 40+ years of age.  To the lay eye, essential tremors can be misconstrued as early onset of Parkinson’s disease.  Anti-seizure drugs are most commonly prescribed to patients experiencing essential tremors, but there is more you can do for yourself to reduce the instances.

Stress, alcohol and caffeine consumption as well as tobacco use can all exacerbate the condition.  Weekly acupuncture treatments may help with the reduction of tremors over time and a reasonable lifestyle that includes meditation, diet and exercise can also help reduce the incidence of essential tremors.

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