Eliminate Sinus Pain & Congestion Painlessly & Drug Free

Tired of suffering from sinus congestion and pain resultant of the swelling that comes with sinusitis?  Tired of the mucus, throbbing of the eyeballs, cheeks and teeth?  Tired of the red runny nose and unattractive look that accompanies congestion?  Sick and tired of the drugs that are expensive and causing you nausea?

Many of my patients came to me with all these symptoms and have been free of congestion and pain for years.  Acupuncture alone can greatly reduce or eliminate all those nasty symptoms experienced during bouts of sinusitis.  Weekly treatments can make your quality of life much more enjoyable.  Imagine being able to run, play tennis, have your portrait photo taken – all without congestion and pain!  All without drugs!  Once you’re on the road to Wellville, monthly ‘booster’ sessions will keep you healthy and happy year round.

Don’t hesitate to alleviate your suffering.  Call or email the office today to schedule an appointment.

917-701-7582.  k@kmondesire.com

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