Even your wisdom tooth pain can be treated by a specific pressure point in the ear. Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been treating innumerous health conditions using this microsytem of treatment. I was trained by the former Premier of China’s personal physician how to diagnosis and treat health conditions soley by observing a patient’s ear, and I have been practicing this technique for over 18 years.

Recently in the United States, the term ‘battlefield acupuncture’ has become a household word. This protocol is comprised of specific acupuncture points stimulated either with tiny hair-like micro needles or by applying pressure to relieve many symptoms associated with pain, anxiety and other conditions experienced in a war zone. Auriculotherapy has also been made popular because for many years, it has been a very important method to treat addictions, stress and anxiety.

Quite often, after a traditional acupuncture session, I will apply earseeds to my patient’s ears. These tiny seeds (and in some cases 24K balls) are applied with latex or clear tape. This allows the patient to ‘self-treat’ when not in my office for several days; by lightly pressing the seeds, they are giving themselves continuous treatment in-between their regular acupuncture sessions.

Now, via remote consultation and personalized one-on-one classes, you can order these seeds and learn how to self-treat in the privacy of your own home! The earseed packets I will prescribe for your particular condition come with everything you need. While I instruct you remotely, all you have to do is peel, place and press a seed. It’s as easy as that! You can wear these seeds while exercising, taking a shower, swimming, sleeping, or any other activity you enjoy. After approximately a week, they will either fall off or you will remove them. During your follow-up online class, we will discuss your progress and adapt the placement of seeds if appropriate.

These seed packets are non-invasive, safe, and cost-effective. During this time of self-isolation, if you are unable to visit your regular healthcare provider, this is an amazing alternative method for you to take care of what’s most important…your own well-being; because if you don’t take care of yourself at this special place in time, you will be unable to care of anyone else in your circle.