Drug-Free Adult Acne Treatment & More

Laser Treatment For Adult Acne
If you suffer from adult acne and your usual ‘go to’ formula isn’t working as well as it used to, or you are now experiencing side effects from the chemical ingredients – there is a solution for you.  Low level laser treatments performed in succession on most patients can produce dramatic results within weeks (in addition to  some dietary and lifestyle changes).  Why be embarrassed to show your face in public?  Call or email the office today.  It is painless and needle-free.  917-701-7582  k@kmondesire.com
Holiday Office Hours
Seasons Greetings are almost upon us and as some of you know, I will be away on holiday from December 17th until January 10th.  I am presently scheduling appointments for slots in December and January.  For my patients who are being treated under insurance plans, and would like to schedule appointments for the week of January 12th, please contact my office so your benefits schedule can be cleared while I am away; thereby you can continue having treatments without any gaps.
Gift Certificates Available
Holiday stress can add pounds to a normally thin person, so imagine what it can do to the rest of us out there!  A gift certificate makes a great stocking stuffer or a fantastic house gift for that person who has almost everything, or for someone who could use some pampering – especially after the maniacal holiday season.  10 packs are available as gift certificates for that very special someone in your life as well.  Be generous to your staff this year. Give them something they can really use – an hour away from the office to relax.  They will appreciate you much more for it!

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