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I am offering to my patients the highest grade and regulated CBD ointments and oils.  Many of my patients have been using these ointments and oils for quite some time and they love it!  These products are not available anywhere except through a licensed professional; they are non psychogenic and effective for all levels of pain, anxiety and insomnia.  Derived from hemp (and NOT marijuana), these products are registered with the FDA and are made in an FDA-audited facility.  Because my clientele is highly educated, critical and health-minded, I will offer you the following information on the products I am carrying:

These products are CBD CLINIC formulations.  This hemp extract is from CW Hemp, the company behind Charlotte’s Web® – considered by most experts to be the purest and most effective CBD available worldwide.  Charlotte’s Web was featured in three CNN TV documentaries with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, demonstrating its effectiveness to provide medical benefits.  Charlottes Web CBD is a whole-plant extract from a patented strain of hemp that is nearly devoid of THC (below the legal threshold established by US federal law).  It is therefore not psychoactive and THC is NOT detectable in blood or urine tests.  Charlotte’s Web CBD is grown in Colorado under guidelines established by state and federal law, and with strict quality control measures to assure its purity and effectiveness.  A critical component of Charlotte’s Web’s quality control system is growing their hemp plants in clean soil, free of concentrated heavy metals which plague CBD sold in many other products.

PAIN RELIEF…CBD CLINIC ointments and creams are topically-applied to treat pain, versus oral medications that can have side effects.  Because CBD CLINIC products work topically via the peripheral nervous system, ingredients do not enter the bloodstream.

FDA OVERSIGHT…ALL CBD CLINIC products are registered with the FDA and are made in an FDA-audited facility.  This is important because it helps ensure the highest quality controls in raw ingredients, manufacturing and packaging.  This includes independent verification of the quantity of active ingredients in every batch made – so you can be assured of consistent product effectiveness.  CBD CLINIC is the first and only family of FDA-registered topical non-prescription medications formulated with cannabidiol (CBD). (text courtesy CBD CLINIC)

These ointments work wonders for joint and muscle pain, Morton’s Neuromas, plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia.  Oils are administered as drops under the tongue and help with insomnia, anxiety and general stress.  For more information, please contact my office.,,,,,,


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