Burning The Candle on Three Ends

This weekend, I’m taking an extra day off and I’m going fishing.  The autumn brings shorter and cooler days and before the trout leave for warmer waters, I’d like to practice my not so great fly fishing skills and see if I can get a big fish to bite on my hook.  If that big fish thinks he’s got a grand opportunity for a fat fly, he’ll bite big time.

We are much like fish.  When opportunity knocks, we bite – and we bite big!  But sometimes, the big bite of opportunity can mean longer work hours, less time for physical exercise and almost no down time for relaxation and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.  All work and no play/rest leads to a compromised immune system.  This means more colds, fatigue, exhaustion and susceptibility to other pathologies.

It’s a fine thing to be busy, achieve greatness, glory and gold, but it’s also very important to set a chunk of time aside for the fun, relaxation and playtime that is so important to our nervous system and overall homeostasis.  Your immune system is important.  If you had a high performance car, you would ensure it had high-octane gas, best quality oil, was parked in a garage, well polished and underwent regular checkups at the mechanic.  YOU are a high performance vehicle and expected by many to perform as such.  So, make sure YOU treat yourself as you would a Lamborghini.  Take time this weekend and every weekend to rest, relax, play and eat well.

On another note:  weekly acupuncture treatments help boost the immune system and help dissolve stress.  It’s an hour of your life dedicated to your overall well-being – body, mind and soul.  Power players in very high places come into my clinic on a weekly basis for their regular session and a chance to have one hour of the work week where they can relax, sleep, recharge and boost their immune systems.  Power players know how important their weekly acupuncture session is…they take good care of themselves so they can perform to their utmost.  You work hard…you deserve to have the same necessary protocol in your life.   Call or email the office today and invest in your well-being!

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