Blogsite Under Construction & Be Smart During This Cold Spell

Please pardon the appearance of my blogsite….it’s under construction and as you can see, it’s a visual mess for the moment.  I have big plans for the blogsite this year, so stay tuned – it’s going to be great!  Guest writers, fabulous lifestyle tips (food, travel, health and more) will all be featured here with easy to connect links!

Today In New York:  waking up at 6am and it’s 16 degrees Farenheit.  This is not my idea of fun.  Here are some healthy tips on how to manage life during these frosty, icy and gloomy days of winter here in New York City:

Eat a hot breakfast.  A bowl of oatmeal or hot quinoa or rice soup is a great way to kickstart your morning and fill your bellies with warm and nutritious eats.  Add cinnamon and raisins to your oatmeal or quinoa and some fresh fruit and you’ll be set for the icy cold morning commute.  If you prefer a more traditional asian fare, add fresh ginger and scallions to your ‘jook’ or rice soup to warm you up.  It’s all yummy, low fat and high energy to start your day.  A nice organic hot egg on multigrain toast with a cup of fruit will add extra ‘umph’ to your morning if you’ve got the extra 5 minutes for prep.  Eggs are loaded with protein and vitamins, while the fresh fruit and toast add fibre and goodness.

Keep your feet, face and back warm.  Waiting for a bus or train in the cold weather can lead to what we call a ‘cold invasion’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine’.  Wearing warm wool socks prevents the cold from creeping up your legs and into your knees, low back and neck – thus preventing arthritic pain and chills.  Wearing a hat will retain your body heat, and the additional accessories of scarves and shawls will keep your neck and chest nice and toasty.

Exercise.  Winter is a time when I’d rather say ‘sayonara’ to the world and stay indoors until May.  Unfortunately, we cannot stay inside for the winter months.  Bundling up and going for a brisk walk or biting the bullet and commiting to the gym improves blood circulation and will keep you warmer and healthier (as it will improve your immune system).  Mix it up and make it fun – take different classes at the gym than you would normally participate in.  You’ll meet new people, expand your horizons, and you might actually discover a new activity that you really enjoy!

These are just a few healthy tips for staying warm, happy and healthy during this winter freeze.  Stay safe and warm and stay tuned for more healthy tips!  And….if anyone out there is a wiz at wordpress and can give ME some tips on how to fix this blog’s appearance, please email me at  That would really make my day!

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