Best In Show…Are You Your Best?

The Westminster Dog Show concluded with its Best in Show; this year being a beautiful pointer breed.  What makes the best dog in the show?  A shiny coat, a wonderful disposition, a great physique brought on by proper diet and exercise and clear shining eyes….sounds a lot like what we humans should all be.

Are you your very best?  Is your hair shining, your eyes bright and not with dark circles?  Are you grumpy or are you at peace with yourself and others?  Is your diet filled with nutrient-rich foods and moderate in quantity?  Are you within your prescribed healthy weight limits?  Do you exercise and get enough fresh air?

Taking good care of yourself so you can be your own Best in Show is easier than you think.  Just imagine yourself as a pedigree dog worth quite a bit of money – an investment.  Expand that thought and take care of yourself as you would a pedigree going for Best in Show.

Don’t forget that my Wellness Program has brought many wonderful people from mangey to quite the pedigree.  Call or email today for an appointment.  917-701-7582  And here’s some trivia:  the Best in Show’s favorite snacks are carrots and chicken!

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